Spiders aren’t scary

Currently working on a book for an author called Sonia Tuffee about a spiders with grand ideas – this spider really like to think big with the help of his friends. It’s a wonderful story that should inspire children to think big and dare to dream, all in rhyme. We are aiming to make the book available for Easter 2020.

The tortoises are ready to go…

It’s finished and ready to send off to publishers. There’s probably loads more I could do but if I decide to carry on, I’ll never get the thing finished! Everyone says to me ‘just send it’, so here goes nothing.

My hope for this story is that it helps friendships. It should make children appreciate good friendships and let them know that some friends aren’t what they seem and this can happen to anyone – even a couple of tortoises.

#Thetortoisesandtheraven #childrensstories

Surprise for Christmas….

We are just waiting for it to be printed. ‘A Christmas Eve Tale’ should be available to buy before Christmas Eve. The perfect Christmas story to tell the children about what really happens around the Christmas tree on the night before Christmas Day.

Written by Caroline Draper (C. F. Draper) and illustrated by myself, I wanted this story to be really magical. There’s lots happening on each page and little hidden characters to spot as you read through. I’m so excited to see the finished book #achristmasevetale #christmasstory

Here’s a little sample…

Soup Dragon

Having a lovely summer lunch with my second son, Ben at Camphill Cafe in Milton Keynes. What a wonderful place.

The Café offers adults with a range of abilities the opportunity to receive supported work experience. Each member of the team undertakes continuous on-the-job training and tuition in customer service, food safety and food preparation.

As part of the Community mission for people to reach their full potential they work closely in the bakery, garden and land-craft workshops. They maximise the use of their garden produce and bakery products within the Café menu at great prices. #camphillcafe #miltonkeynes

We had some little medieval characters join us….