BBC Radio Leeds – A Christmas Eve Tale

With an hour to go on the wet November morning of Monday 25th, Caroline texts me from her taxi on the way to BBC Radio Leeds. Full of excitement and nerves she was on a count down to a very important moment in her new career as a children’s Author; an interview with Stephanie Hirst at BBC Radio Yorkshire. What an opportunity to talk about the book she has written and I have illustrated ‘A Christmas Eve Tale‘. Along with the text was some delightful photos of the main characters she had made by Helen Connolly. The Snowman and Fairy were sat patiently in the taxi, ready for their first big outing.

Very Excited, I tuned in to BBC Radio Yorkshire (Leeds) to hear the warm and friendly voice of my book partner and now good friend, Caroline Draper (Author of A Christmas Eve Tale). What a delightful interview to listen to. As Caroline talked to Stephanie Hirst, it sounded as though these two had been friends for years. I felt like I’d tuned into a warm and cosy coffee shop chat and desperately wanted to join in the laughs and chat myself.

Caroline Draper with Caroline Hirst at BBC Radion Leeds. Monday 25th November 2019.

Caroline did a great job of telling us her inspirational story of how she became a children’s book Author and her journey on how the book ‘A Christmas Eve Tale‘ came about. She remembered all the details of when and where the book is available which I was most impressed with as it’s easy to get carried away with nerves and the excitement of being featured on BBC Radio (none the less).

I have to say a big thank you to Caroline for the big shout out and mention on how we both met and her positive comments on my illustrations. I was very impressed that Caroline remembered such detail about my journey into illustration and how I came to meet Caroline and illustrate her beautiful Christmas Eve Tale. I was very touched.

You can listen to the interview on the following link:

A perfect gift for those Christmas Eve Boxes! /.com /.au

Are you sitting comfortably?

…Then I shall begin. Caroline Draper (Author) and myself (Leah Rowe, Illustrator), have released part one of ‘A Christmas Eve Tale‘ on YouTube. The YouTube video is the part one of the story put to music and narrated by Caroline herself. She has the warmest voice, full of nostalgia and perfect for a magical and cosy Christmas Eve story. The video has been made to compliment the book and allows a different experience. Reading along with the book is special; you can take your time, browse the book and the illustrations while looking out for the extra little characters that pop up in most illustrations. Count them as you go and see if you get them all. (Answers at the back of the book). Watch part one of the story on YouTube and enjoy the music, narration as well as little animated moments. Part Two will be released closer to Christmas. You can also follow updates on the book and the creation of decoration figures based on the book characters made by Helen Connolly – so follow this blog or keep an eye out of Facebook ‘A Christmas Eve Tale. Once you purchase the book, we’d be very grateful if you could please leave your feedback – we’d love to knowhow you found it and if your little ones enjoyed it. / com /.au

Decorations created by Helen Connolly

A Good Hair Day for Christmas?

Watching the delicate, hand-made characters come to life from A ‘Christmas Eve Tale‘ is truly mesmerizing. Helen Connolly is a real talent and a brilliant find by Caroline Draper (Author). I’m so delighted she has stayed true to the characters I have illustrated in throughout the story. Every bit of detail is taken care of; her red fairy dress with dots and sparkles, her stripy tights to her round pale face, freckles and flowing fiery orange hair. The Snowman with his rounded belly, blue and red wooly scarf, big red nose and cute face – so adorable you’ll be hooked instantly. And this is just a start – there’s more characters to follow, ready to show for next Christmas.

They’re attracting a lot of attention demand for them already. The characters, which Helen has made are currently beautiful delicate Christmas decorations but it would seem there’s a future for them as toy characters, which are more durable and safe for a child to play with.

One thing leads to another as they say and it’s like this Christmas Eve Tale story has a real magic of it’s own. Like someone waved the sparkly fairy dust over the book itself and brought the whole thing to life. With great feedback already based on the YouTube video trailer, Caroline and I are very excited about the release on 28th November 2019. It makes me feel warm and glowing inside as I think of young children everywhere, reading or listening to this delightful tale on Christmas Eve. Which character will they identify with? Could the tale be real? What DOES happen to the Christmas decorations throughout Christmas eve?

A Christmas Eve Tale, Written by Caroline Draper, Illustrations by Leah Rowe

Available online at, and

Released to Amazon & Waterstone’s

A Christmas Eve Tale has finally been released on Amazon and Waterstone’s websites for pre-order and then to buy from 28th November. Myself and Caroline Draper (Author) are chuffed to bits as we sit above Beatrix Potter! The book is due to go into a lot of local book shops but I thought I’d take a chance and so walked into my local Waterstone’s and asked them about stocking the book in their shop. They said that because we are with a publisher (Olympia Publishers, London) and listed on Amazon and Waterstone’s with an ISBN number, we have made the right steps so far.  Next, they would like to see a physical copy to see if it’s a book they would consider stocking… so watch this space for an update!

The Book’s Coming to Life!

So exciting to watch the book characters come to life. They’re looking really gorgeous- the detail is amazing to see. Caroline Draper; Author of ‘A Christmas Eve Tale‘ has commissioned a lady to make felt characters based on the book. I think people are going to absolutely fall in love with them. The characters are so individual and strong in the book that they’re going to make such beautiful real life decorations. For me, as the illustrator, it’s amazing watching something that I have drawn, come to life. I don’t see many Christmas Fairies in red but this is why Caroline and myself agreed on the colours – something that stood out and was different. I’m so pleased with this colour choice as she really is truly unique and beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the fairy’s beautiful red hair going on.

Good Coverage on the release of ‘A Christmas Eve Tale’

Lots of good coverage coming out. Caroline Draper (Author) is doing a fab job of getting coverage for the book in the Yorkshire area. Really excited about getting some copies of these magazines. I’m not big on selling or pushing a product but when it’s such a wonderful product such as this children’s Christmas story, it makes it very easy. It’s such a magical story that I really want all children to hear it at Christmas time and as Christmas nears, we’ll be releasing the full YouTube video where the whole story is put to music and narrated by Caroline herself. Video and illustrations by me. YouTube: AmazingKidzStories ‘A Christmas Eve Tale’

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Gingerbread Town… feeling festive already!

We’ve got Halloween out of the way and so now it’s full focus towards the Christmas season. To start the festivities, I thought I’d create a little town based on a favourite Christmas treat – the Ginderbread man (or persons). In this case, a Gingerbread Town with houses, people, animals, plants, everything made from Gingerbread. I wonder what they have for Christmas dinner? Yum!

Great idea to get kids reading

Awaiting the book release date of the Christmas Children’s story ‘A Christmas Eve Tale’, I have joined brilliant local Facebook page called ‘LOOK For A BOOK’. I’m very excited… what you do is take a good children’s book, seal it in a clear protective folder along with a note (instructions on FB page) and hide it somewhere in your local area for a child to find, read and pass on in the same way.

Can’t wait to hide a very special copy of mine and Caroline Drapers new book over the December period. Watch this space! Keep an eye on our FB page and join Look For A Book on FB.

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