“Having developed and shaped the characters in my story with my wife and two children over months and years, it was like they became part of our family! We discussed the characters and had even given them voices and traits. So when it came to bringing them to life, choosing the right illustrator was definitely the most important decision we made. 
Having seen Leah’s work in other books, I knew straight away I simply had to work with this person and the wait was worth it. From our very first conversation I knew we had made the right choice. Her passion to do my work justice was evident and I immediately knew I was in safe hands and my family and I were so excited to see what our imaginary friends would look like. 
I will never forget the day the first rough drawings arrived. It was like seeing people for the first time in person who I had known for years but had never met. It was so surreal and we were simply blown away by Leah’s work. She had surpassed all expectations. She even brought so many creative ideas that I had simply never thought of to help the readers get to know the characters better.
The whole process was perfect, her pure talent, devotion and passion for her work, the creativity and flexibility she displayed whenever I got a new idea, as well as her wonderful suggestions. Seeing her illustrations sitting alongside my text for the first time gave me the greatest of reassurance in the book and it also made me more determined to get her amazing work out there for the world to see. 
As a father and a primary teacher Leah’s work is a joy to behold and I consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to work alongside her and I look forward to doing so in the not too distant future. Thank you Leah for bringing our little project to life!” – Brendan Bolger, Trouble on Farmer Tigg’s Farm

“Leah Rowe is AMAZING! She is not only an extremely talented illustrator, but a business professional in every sense. I worked with Leah for my first self-published children’s book. As a beginning author, she helped me every step of the way with illustrations, text layout, and printer-ready files. Leah is a dream to work with and a true creative professional!! 

I was confident from the beginning in Leah’s work ethic and ability to deliver– a contract, invoice, and communication steps along the way made the illustrator-author partnership extremely easy. Leah has excellent collaboration skills; we exchanged multiple emails per week with ideas and page changes. She never missed a beat and continued to WOW me with illustration surprises and edits. Additionally, Leah is skilled with pagination and text layout, making it easy to receive final files when your partnership is complete. Leah’s illustrations bring characters to life! She is a true gift to stories waiting for the perfect artist. I cannot wait for our next project together. I highly recommend Leah for any of your illustration needs!!” – Allison Davis, Hope the Dog 

Hope The Dog – Coming July 2020

As a first time author, new to all aspects of publishing, Leah was so helpful in guiding me through the illustration process. Originally I chose her based on her more ‘traditional’ style of art work, and after our first phone consultation and the early draft sketches she sent through I knew I’d made the right choice! Leah was extremely good at interpreting my very rough sketches & ideas and bringing them to life with a humour that perfectly suited the story.Her creative suggestions always helped to find just the right tone for each scene, and she was happy to take my ideas on board at every stage of the process.Talented, adaptable and fun to work with, Leah is a brilliant illustrator and creative partner. I look forward to working with her again soon.” – Sonia Tuffee, Author of Archie Wood-Knot’s Wonder Web

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