Coming soon… My Very Own Children’s Book and YouTube Story!

‘The Two Tortoises and The Raven’ Written and Illustrated by Leah Rowe

I’m very excited to have finally finished this story. One of many that I have at home, just waiting to be brought to life. I am just waiting for it to be approved by Amazon and it will be available to buy and watch along on YouTube.

It’s a story inspired by my youngest son who came up with the characters, two tortoises and a raven. Perhaps the tortoises were inspired by our very own pet tortoise, Gumball?

Gumball, our pet tortoise

The story tells of a strong friendship between the two tortoises and how the friendship is put to the test by a crafty and selfish raven. Will raven’s cheating and lies pay off or will he be found out?

Two tortoise besties who’s friendship is true.
One is called Tom, the other called Lou.
A friendship that’s tested by a bird who swoops by…

…A raven who’s cunning and incredibly sly.
But will the tortoises friendship see 
Through all his trickery and lies?

The story is all is rhyme style which I actually really enjoy doing. It almost helps you write the story and guides you where to go.

The book will also be accompanied by a narrated YouTube video which is fun to either read along with the book or just have someone else read. The book gives tine for the children to really pause on a page and have a look at the detail in the illustration.

As soon as it’s available, I will post the details on my site and social media.

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