Coming this Autumn…

Hope is unlike the regular dogs.
She’s special, quite quirky, like a
teacher with paws.
She runs in the rain and slurps down
soufflés. Hope even teaches her owner
how to sit and to stay!

But one day, the dog goes missing.
Is Hope lost forever?

Hope the Dog and Joycelyn

This is a beautiful story written by Allison Davies, from Texas, USA. It tells the tale of two best friends and their love for one another.

It was an absolute joy illustrating this book as Allison is fantastic to work with and I happen to know that Hope the dog exists in real life. Cuter than you can ever imagine! A lovely touch to the book is that you get to meet them at the end page and you’ll see that they’re simply delightful!

Coming soon… August/September 2020

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