A Good Hair Day for Christmas?

Watching the delicate, hand-made characters come to life from A ‘Christmas Eve Tale‘ is truly mesmerizing. Helen Connolly is a real talent and a brilliant find by Caroline Draper (Author). I’m so delighted she has stayed true to the characters I have illustrated in throughout the story. Every bit of detail is taken care of; her red fairy dress with dots and sparkles, her stripy tights to her round pale face, freckles and flowing fiery orange hair. The Snowman with his rounded belly, blue and red wooly scarf, big red nose and cute face – so adorable you’ll be hooked instantly. And this is just a start – there’s more characters to follow, ready to show for next Christmas.

They’re attracting a lot of attention demand for them already. The characters, which Helen has made are currently beautiful delicate Christmas decorations but it would seem there’s a future for them as toy characters, which are more durable and safe for a child to play with.

One thing leads to another as they say and it’s like this Christmas Eve Tale story has a real magic of it’s own. Like someone waved the sparkly fairy dust over the book itself and brought the whole thing to life. With great feedback already based on the YouTube video trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdEkGUIbP4o, Caroline and I are very excited about the release on 28th November 2019. It makes me feel warm and glowing inside as I think of young children everywhere, reading or listening to this delightful tale on Christmas Eve. Which character will they identify with? Could the tale be real? What DOES happen to the Christmas decorations throughout Christmas eve?

A Christmas Eve Tale, Written by Caroline Draper, Illustrations by Leah Rowe

Available online at Amazon.co.uk, Waterstones.com and OlympiaPublishers.com

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