Are you sitting comfortably?

…Then I shall begin. Caroline Draper (Author) and myself (Leah Rowe, Illustrator), have released part one of ‘A Christmas Eve Tale‘ on YouTube. The YouTube video is the part one of the story put to music and narrated by Caroline herself. She has the warmest voice, full of nostalgia and perfect for a magical and cosy Christmas Eve story. The video has been made to compliment the book and allows a different experience. Reading along with the book is special; you can take your time, browse the book and the illustrations while looking out for the extra little characters that pop up in most illustrations. Count them as you go and see if you get them all. (Answers at the back of the book). Watch part one of the story on YouTube and enjoy the music, narration as well as little animated moments. Part Two will be released closer to Christmas. You can also follow updates on the book and the creation of decoration figures based on the book characters made by Helen Connolly – so follow this blog or keep an eye out of Facebook ‘A Christmas Eve Tale. Once you purchase the book, we’d be very grateful if you could please leave your feedback – we’d love to knowhow you found it and if your little ones enjoyed it. / com /.au

Decorations created by Helen Connolly

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